the streets of Évora, the Água de Prata Aqueduct & Restaurante S. Luis

Wednesday, July 17:  I wander the streets a lot during my one full day in Evora, and here are some of the street scenes.  I’m fascinated by the Portuguese doors, windows, and balconies, the peeling paint on the building facades. the patterned pebble sidewalks, and the strange-shaped roofs.

Click on any of the photos below for a full-sized slideshow.

In my wanderings, I come across the huge arches of the Água de Prata Aqueduct (Aqueduct of Silver Water).  This 9km-long aqueduct was built in 1531–1537 by King João III to supply the city with water.   The end part of the aqueduct is remarkable with houses, shops and cafés built between the arches.

I also pass by the Temple Romano another time.

Temple Romano
Temple Romano
Temple Romano
Temple Romano

For my last night in Evora, I have a wonderful meal at Restaurante S. Luis, which the receptionist at Pensão Policarpo has recommended.  I love the warm atmosphere and the fact that it’s off the beaten tourist track and frequented by the Portuguese.

Restaurant S. Luis
Restaurante S. Luis
Restaurant S. Luis
Restaurante S. Luis
Restaurant S. Luis
Restaurante S. Luis

I have a glass of wine, bread and olives.  These olives may be the best I have ever tasted!

The best olives ever!
The best olives ever!

And then I order Balcalhau a Nuno Neves (a posta assado no forno), which is a wonderful codfish with potatoes and broth served in a hot steaming dish.  It’s delicious. 🙂

my meal at Restaurant S. Luis
codfish with potatoes and broth at Restaurante S. Luis

I relax for my last evening on the patio of Pensão Policarpo.  Tomorrow morning, I head for Sintra, about a half-hour west of Lisbon.

Patio of Pensão Policarpo
Patio of Pensão Policarpo

13 thoughts on “the streets of Évora, the Água de Prata Aqueduct & Restaurante S. Luis

  1. Beautiful blue skies to go with beautiful doorways! I just realized a very dear friend lives not far from Tavira, in Faz Fato. Did you happen to go near there? It is north-east, but still quite close to the coast. I have a standing invitation there and just put two and two together! Your photos have really made me want to go! The food looks less meat-oriented than Spain, with less fruites de mer and more regular ordinary fish (which means I can see myself going there!).

    1. No, I didn’t go to Faz Fato. Not even sure where that is. You should take your friend up on her invitation for sure. Yes, there are some veggie and fish options in Portugal, maybe more so than in Spain!

  2. Love the yellow trimmed balcony with the brolly on it, Cathy, and the other shot with the open brolly. Shabby chique rules!
    Glad you tried bacalhau. Asking for a recommend is a good idea. 🙂
    Will reply to your email when I get caught up (again!)

    1. Glad you like my balconies and umbrellas, Jo. I hope you had a good weekend with Lisa.

      That bacalhau was delicious!! It was great to get recommendations; I also had some great recommendations in Sintra!

      Don’t worry about catching up; I know it’s a lot to do. Just take your time. I have to return to work next week. 😦

  3. The photos in hat first gallery could have been taken by me Cathy! You and I do seem to have a similar ‘eye’. I am enjoying my (late) wander back through your posts.
    Jude xx

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